Sessions Start 07/01/2019 @19:30 – Time to Shift the Flab!

The Liverpool Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Association was formed in its current home at Childwall Sports Centre January 2015. After the head coach learned this style of Kung Fu from a friend he decided a rare gem like this couldn’t be kept to himself, so with his teachers blessing he began to pass on his knowledge.

If your looking to get in shape whether its to get stronger so you can carry those suitcases for this years holiday, or whether your looking to get more agile so you can pivot around crowds with ease or maybe your looking to move as quick as the flash….. Well training in this style of Kung Fu can get you there!

We have students from all walks of life, we don’t discriminate all that we ask is that you are willing to put the effort in and that you have a good sense of humour, because we are not like most Martial Arts clubs and we don’t want to be! This is were hard core old training meets modern day