• Kicking and Leg Techniques


  • Takedowns and Ground Fighting


  • Defend Against Weapons


  • Capturing and Seizing Techniques


  • Vast Array of Weapons


Balance, Power, Speed and Agility

The Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Association was formed in January 2015 with the sole aim to ensure the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Style is passed on and continues to grow throughout the world.

Northern Style of Shaolin Kung Fu teaches the student how to be quick, agile and to have devastatingly precise aim. Tremendous speed and power can be generated by a Northern Shaolin practitioner as he creates power and speed from movement, harnessing balance to control force. The original core ten hand forms are taught along with a wide selection of traditional weapons and supplementary forms in order to teach the student how to be balanced at all times, generate speed and focus power, the forms and training methods will teach and enhance a students abilities.

Northern Shaolin Style Kung Fu has been passed down the generations and can be traced back directly to the Shaolin temple, some of the styles most famous masters include Grandmaster Ku Yu Cheung, the famed master of the iron palm and Master Yim Sheung Mo. The style was once a closely guarded secret now available to anyone willing to learn all this system has to offer.