Chris Musselle – Owner/Head Coach

I have been a student of Kung Fu for over 15 years.
I enjoy the discipline, structure and fitness it brings to my body and mind.
It is also, totally Bad Ass.

A friend introduced me to the Northern Shaolin style 9 years ago, after I felt I couldn’t process further in the training I was in.
I was launching my own IT Company at the time and wanted a practice I could focus my mind and channel some serious energy into a full body workout. Boy, did I get it!

I started to see a massive improvement in my core balance, strength, agility and all-around fitness. It was also awesome to train with traditional weapons like the Shaolin Spear (pictured), Tiger Hooks Swords and Kuan Do.

I decided this style of Kung Fu had to be taught to others.
Once I achieved my Black Sash, I set up The Liverpool Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Association in 2015, training 2 evenings a week in South Liverpool.

I am now on track to achieving my Master Red Sash, when we celebrate my first student receiving their Black Sash.
Oh yes, I can get you there.