Why is Northern Shaolin Kung Fu Style different from any other Kung Fu?

Many aspects of the Shaolin Style have spread throughout China, undergoing many adaptations and revisions. The present system, however, specialises in long-range fighting rather than grappling. It is an aggressive style, believing that attack is the best form of defence. It emphasises on kicking, leaping and whirling blocks based on wide, open stances.

The Northern element was created by Gu Yu-jeung. Yu-jeung travelled the Northern parts of China to study the various styles taught in the region and integrated them all into a unified kung fu style, Northern Shaolin.

Despite the name, the Northern Shaolin style differs from the southern Shaolin school of kung fu, which emphasizes on punches, open-hand strikes etc.

What fitness level do I have to be at to take part?

Any fitness level, the classes are designed to allow you to go at your own pace and concentrate on what you want to improve whether that be balance, strength, agility or all-round fitness.

What should I wear and bring to a class?

Loose fitting clothing, usually tracksuit bottoms, loose t-shirt and socks are perfect to train in. Also, bring along some water.

What happens if I injure myself during a class?

The chief instructor is first aid trained and will deal with most injuries.

I have a previous injury.

Let the chief instructor know so he can assess whether it will be a problem or if certain things need to be tailored to allow you to work out.

When can I use weapons?

The weapon forms are taught as part of the curriculum, and you will be introduced to them when you’re ready. Weapons are also covered in the seminars that happen throughout the year.

When will I be able to move up a level?

This is a very popular question, and the answer is simple when you are ready. If you practice what you have been taught there is no reason why each lesson you shouldn’t get moved on.

Can I achieve accreditation/certificates?

Yes. As part of grading’s, you will be awarded your new sash and a certificate of achievement.

What if I have paid upfront but can’t make a class?

Unfortunately, subs are like gym memberships use it or lose it!

Can I bring my child along?

The lessons are geared more for adults but children 14+ maybe suitable.

Is there parking on site?

Yes, plenty.

Are your trainers all DBS checked?